Trading Stalls, Sales Counters, and Trading Carts Edit

Trading stalls allow players to trade items for money, even when they are offline. The basic trading stall is made in the 'Work Bench' by anyone who purchases the engram. The other installations are crafted by the Carpenter, and have different appearances and maximum potential inventory.

Trade stalls do not generate coins needed to 'make change', so players will want to add silver coins to their trade stall to accommodate people buying with gold coins. For example, if an item costs 70 silver, but the trade stall does not have at least 30 (or any) silver coin in it, a player who only has a gold coin will not be able to purchase that item.

When a player purchases an item, the coins are collected from the players inventory and deposited into the trade stall where they will wait to be picked up by the owner.

Setting up a Trade Stall Edit


After placing the trade stall sellers first have to use "Open Shop Inventory". This is the default behavior if you own the stall. Only the owner can see this inventory and it allows to manage the contents of the shop.

Preparing an Item for Sale Edit

To sell an item the item has to be dragged into the trade stall inventory, then selected. After selecting the item the "Set Price" button shows up. Upon clicking the button a widget to enter the price opens. The price is set per quantity.

Removing an Item from the Shop Edit

After a price is set for an item the "Set Price" button changes to a "Remove From Shop" button. Clicking the button will remove the item from sale. Items that do not have a sale price are invisible to people shopping at the stall.

Buying an Item Edit


To buy an item select it and press the "Buy Button". A widget allowing to enter a purchase quantity will open. After pressing accept the purchase is complete.

Item prices are set per quantity. In case prices result in fractions of silver it is rounded to the seller's advantage.