ARK: Survival Plus Wikia

The "Forget everything you've ever learned" tonic will clear your mind of attributes and skill points (engrams). Allowing you to respec and reassign the points. Comes in handy when you decide on a profession change.

Caution this tonic has severe side effects causing you to drop down to level 30-- that is if you're over level 30. Also players wishing to switch from entrepreneur to another profession will need to pay back the entrepreneur bonus in order to use the mind wipe. The exact amounts needed in your inventory for this is 195 gold coins and 500 silver.

The mindwipe actually puts you back at level 1 with sufficient experience points to level up to 30. This enables you to choose which statistics (Health, Stamina etc.) to improve.

Mindwipe tonic can only be taken once every 24 hours.