The Mason profession revolves are stone and clay, and the products related to those basic resources. They are one of the two professions that are able to make housing past the primitive level (the other is Carpenter). Master level masons are able to craft castle pieces.

Masons are able to produce a number of products used by other professions, as well as all irrigation and water wells. Their building components are required in very large quantities.

There are three levels of this profession currently: Apprentice, Journeyman, and Master.

Buildings Edit

Irrigation Edit

Irrigation pipes are made out of clay. These 'fresh' parts then need to be fired in a campfire. A complete set of pipes would include an Intake Pipe, a combination of Straight, Vertical, Intersection, Inclined, and Half-Vertical pipes, and finally a Tap. The Tap is the part the player directly interacts with to drink or fill up water containers. It is also the device that irrigates the surrounding area.

Stations Edit

The Mason can make a mason table, quicklime kiln, and plaster barrel stations for crafting.

Quicklime Kiln

This station is used to convert Limestone into Quicklime. Quicklime is used by the Mason to create building supplies and the Blacksmith when smelting ore into Iron Ingots as a required fuel-like component in the iron forge.

Plaster Barrel Edit

The plaster barrel is used to create the Barrels of Quicklime and Buckets of Quicklime. It can also make Clay and Buckets of Plaster.

Building Components Edit

Mason makes several building components used in the building of structures, as well as other stations.

Other Edit

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