The large capitol building is the center of government functions for a kingdom. It may also replace the role of the village center or the small capitol building. When a capital land plot is allready there it gets reused, otherwise one needs to be obtained from a mason.

Inside deeds up to Tier 3 Level 3 are sold as well as water well permits and single foundation permits.

Crafted by an architect and placed by a monarch. A capitol building cannot be placed in a territory controlled by an existing capitol building, basic territorial outpost or upgraded territorial outpost, nor can it be placed so that its territory would overlap with an existing controlled territory.

In order to run the capitol building, you will need to pay its workers as well as knights throughout its territory by putting money in it's treasury. This will allow for deeds to be purchasable, amongst other things. The money received for those deeds also goes into the treasury (that only the monarch can access). Current cost of running is 21 gold or 2100 silver per 3 days.

The territory it controls is a circle with a radius of 72000 units (180 pavers).

It provides the owning monarch with a desk where they may write their decrees such as the castle wall decree, outpost decree and the archer tower decree. It is also the spot to set the name of the kingdom and stipulate the tax rate for the VAT that apply within it's borders.

PVP Enabled Item Edit


Construction SiteEdit

Lumber: 60

Stone Brick: 90

Layer: Ground Level Edit

Layer: Lower WallsEdit

Layer: Upper WallsEdit

Layer: Finished WallsEdit

Layer: CeilingEdit

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