The following images contain labels for the area's on the SurvivalPlus Official PvE server. This is intended to assist all PC players in identifying locations and moving around the areas of the map we can play in. When possible and reasonable, the names used by the map itself (found by pressing "H") for specific areas has been used. Where these names are too vague, or too broadly applied, custom names are used.

The Ragnarok developers intend to expand and adjust their naming of map regions in the future, so the maps here will end up being retired one day.

Ragnarok Viking Coast TopDown-0
Ragnarok NW B1
Ragnarok NW C1
Ragnarok NW D1
Ragnarok NW E1
Ragnarok NW F1
Ragnarok NW G1
Ragnarok NW H1
Ragnarok NW J1
Ragnarok NW K1