Of the many creatures I've yet encountered on the Island, the Iguanodon vicissitudinis has the distinctly versatile capability of switching its primary method of locomotion according to its momentary needs.

Primarily a rather lethargic bipedal herbivore native to the Island's many grasslands and forests, in situations where increased speed or maneuverability is called for, it will quickly shift its posture into quadrupedal stance and behave like a very different creature!

Roles Edit

The Iguanodon is currently not rideable, however it has significant carry weight and is also an able defender.

Taming Edit

Iguanodon use a variant of the SurvivalPlus Multi-Phase Taming approach: . To get a tameable Iguanodon players first need to find a wild nest, collect an egg and let it hatch. The freshly hatched dino then goes through a short taming process. This only applies to eggs gathered in the wild, all eggs from tamed dinos will hatch and become claimable right away.

 Requirements Edit

Engram Hunter
Dino Level 90 or lower
Dino Age Baby

Phases Edit

Phase Min. Affinity % Description
Bait 0 Iguanodon prefer Corn and Egg Treats, but accept any herbivore treat. 
Lurking 30 Players need to stay within 20m for affinity to increase.
Handfeeding 40 Iguanodon accept any herbivore treat, vegetable and edible berry for hand feeding. They prefer  Corn and Egg Treats, as well as corn over other foods. The dino will follow the player at a distance of 8m when ready to eat.
Caring 80 The dino will follow the player at a distance of 6m when ready to accept care again.
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