Hunters are skilled at tracking and combat. They are be able to use traps, extract special components and resources from dinosaurs they have hunted down. They are the only ones that can use a lasso effectively.

As they benefit from enhanced melee and health they have a definite advantage in the wild. Through years of training thay have developed hightened senses.

Use the following keystrokes to activate and deactivate:

RUN+double-tapping E allows for an enhanced sense of danger in the surroundings.

RUN+double-tapping N activates night vision.

RUN+double-tapping spacebar will give you an adrenaline rush allowing for a burst of speed.

With default keymapping RUN = SHIFT, but if you have remapped that action to another key, you'll need to use that key instead.

In order to craft hunter specific tools and items, a hunter's table has to be crafted. They have discovered how to make chitin armor and ghillie suits, but they've kept it a trade secret.

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