Introduction Edit

You are likely already familiar with the prefab houses in Survival Plus. To give players more control over the final look of their houses, as well as give a more realistic building process there is now a new building system. You will purchase your house from either a mason or carpenter at a price that includes all the materials. You will then be able to place down the construction site where you would like.

Once the construction site is placed the craftsman can begin building. This is done by filling it with construction materials, and then building layer by layer until the house is complete. The materials used for each layer determine how that layer will look like. This should be discussed with your builder prior to construction to ensure there are no delays in getting the requested materials.

Construction Site Edit


The construction site represents your building until it is complete. Construction sites may be snapped to height stones from the mason in order to adjust the height of the building in order to get it off the ground, and keep the ground from clipping through. The height stones should be placed where you want the front door to be. The crate in the construction site represents the location of the door.

In the construction inventory you see the required resources, marked with a paper scroll background. The amount shown is the amount required. Hover over the items for additional information.

Finishing Layers Edit

To finish a layer you need to fulfill two requirements:

  • All required materials must be in the construction site inventory
    Ark Survival- Survial Plus Mod Building System

    Ark Survival- Survial Plus Mod Building System

  • You need to be a carpenter or mason

Once the craftsman finishes the final layer of the house the construction phase will be complete, and your new house will appear.

Building Materials Edit

When choosing the style of the new house you have 15 different wall options, 2 different types of floor options, and 3 different colors of roof shingles.

Within your mason or carpenter's table these building materials can be found as materials named with colors. For example red plaster, red and brown shingles, etc. Odds are if it has a color in its name it it's considered a building material for use in construction.

For example see Stack of Bricks,  Stack of Planks,  Stack of Shingles,  or Barrel of Plaster.

Deeds Edit

You will need a deed from the mayor/king in order to obtain permission to build on their land. These deeds can be found at the Town Hall or the Capitol Building.