Equus magnus appears to be an ancestor of the modern horse. Based on its stripes, it may be the African variant of Equus giganteus, which appeared in North America during the Ice Age, but that is pure conjecture. Its behavior in the wild is similar to that of other wild members of the Equus genus - it sustains itself by grazing, while keeping safe from predators by living in herds and outrunning its attackers via superior speed and stamina.


Equus use a combination the SurvivalPlus Multi-Phase Taming approach: with the vanilla taming method.  

 Requirements Edit

Engram Hunter
Dino Level 90 or lower
Dino Age Adult

Phases Edit

Phase Min. Affinity % Description
Bait 0 Equus prefer Carrot and Grape Treats, but accept any herbivore treat.
Lurking 20 Players need to stay within 20m for affinity to increase.
Handfeeding 40 Equus accept herbivore treats and other herbivore food for hand feeding. They prefer Carrot and Grape Treats as well as Carrots and Grapes over other foods. They will follow the player at a distance of 8m when ready to eat.
Riding 60 This works like the vanilla Equus taming method. Any of the handfeeding foods are accepted and the same affinity gain applies.