Missing items or Engrams that cannot be learned when playing on a server Edit

This can happen for two reasons:

The mod was installed as total conversion Edit

While we treat SurvivalPlus like a total conversion, it is actually a core mod a that speeds up loading times.

Make sure to install it as activemod to resolve the issue.

The mod was not fully installed Edit

This is the most common reason for the issue to appear. The first step is to make sure that there is no ark auto updater running on the server. Some hosts have an option on their panels for that, as does the program "ASM".

The auto updating feature is very unstable and can even delete files from fully installed mods at server startup.

Once auto updating is ruled out there remains the possibility of SteamCmd not properly downloading the mod. This is very unlikely to happen in the US, but in Europe this is a very common issue due to regular problems with the Steam servers. We recommend to switch to a US hosting location.

If all this cannot be done there is one final solution, and that is uploading the mod manually via FTP. This can be done by uploading the mod files from an ARK game (not server) install using a program like FileZilla.

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