Survival Plus can be a challenge to, ahem, survive. Especially in the beginning. At the time of this writing the official Survival Plus server is on the Ragnarok map, and 'death rain' is a frequent occurrence!

A couple things to note right up front:

You will no longer able able to survive on berries! Not only are the much less common to harvest, but they only provide a small boost to your food bar. In addition, and most crucially, they only provide a small subset of the Nutrients you will need to be successful!

While still subject to tweaks, the amount of meat you get from slain dino is less than you might be used to as well. And like berries, meat only provides a (different) subset of nutrients. It does provide a larger boost to your food bar though.

One of the standard beginning strategies in Survival Plus is the same as vanilla Ark: tame dodo for eggs! Eggs, like meat, will provide a larger boost to your food bar, and also provide a slightly different subset of nutrients. And more importantly, eggs are a critical part of :

Primitive Meals

When your character has consumed the proper balance of Nutrients, it will show a red heart buff in the lower right corner. You will receive buffs to your XP for eating a balanced diet as you go about your surviving. While it is possible to get to this state eating the various foods separately, it would be extremely hard. Enter Primitive Meals.

Simple Meal, Vegetable Soup, Vegetable Stew, Meat Stew, Boiled Egg, Goulash Soup, and Fish Stew are the meals capable of being made by any character. They must be cooked in a 'pot', either a clay one, or a metal one. All meals will provide your character with a proper nutritional balance, and the amount of nutrients exceed (in some cases by far) the amount of nutrients you would receive by eating the raw food individually.

It should be noted that sprinting will drain your food bar far faster than your nutrient balance, and it is not difficult to find yourself with the nutrition buff and yet be dying of starvation. This is usually remedied by eating raw eggs or cooked meat (fish especially!) to bring your food bar up. And of course, cold weather dramatically increases the loss of your food bar!

Stay warm, stay well-fed, and keep away from things with pointy parts!

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