Survival Plus introduces Professions to Ark! This dramatic departure from the vanilla game allows for great diversity among the server residents. Professions are designed to be inter-dependent on each other. There are three levels available in each profession: Apprentice, Journeyman, and Master.

You will be able to choose which profession you would like to become an Apprentice in upon reaching level 30. In order top choose one: click on you engram points to open the engram interface. At the top you will see a button to open the profession menu.In the journal that appears you are able to select new professions when you are the appropriate level. This process replaces the traditional method of using Engrams to pick your skills. Be careful when choosing, as a Mind Wipe potion will be required if you make a mistake!

Consuming a mind-wipe potion will allow you to choose a different profession, but it will also reset your level to 30!! The intent here is that you are moving into an entirely new profession, and the experience you have in your previous one won't allow you to bypass the learning process in your new profession.

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For information about engrams before level 30 visit this page: Primitive Tier

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