Survival Plus EconomyEdit

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The Survival Plus mod has an in-game economy that is balanced, well-developed, and entirely player driven. The player is able to obtain physical coins through trading his crafted wares, discovering abandon camps and treasure chests, and of course raiding other players. Players automatically receive an inheritance at level 10 at which point 20 gold coins are given for the player to begin interacting in the economy.

Coins can be used to purchase goods from other players, and can be stored in banks that are crafted by the blacksmith.

Since professions are highly dependent on the goods and productions of other professions to craft and advance the simple addition of a currency allows players to develop robust community-driven economies.

Types of CoinsEdit

There are two types of coins in the mod, gold and silver. 

100 Silver coins equals 1 Gold Coin



See the Trading page for an in-depth look at trading.


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