Carpenters are focused on the production of wooden goods. It is likely the most popular production profession due to the ease in which its primary raw resource is collected. It is highly dependent on the blacksmith for components in many of its products. Carpenter components and even byproducts like sawdust are also required for many other professions.

The early-level station carpenters use in wood production is the chopping station. Once they get into their professional roles, there are other, more advanced stations used to produce lumber faster and more efficiently.

Apprentice Tier EngramsEdit

Engrams are arranged first by crafting location, followed by its corresponding folder. The following engrams are unlocked after taking the Apprentice Carpenter Profession at Level 30.

Chopping Station or Lumber StationEdit

  1. Building Components
  2. Components

Carpenter's DeskEdit

  1. Building Components
  2. Components
  3. Dinnerware
  4. Interior
  5. Exterior
  6. Cooking
  7. Furniture
    1. Table
    2. Counters
  8. Interior
  9. Storage
  10. Structures
  11. Tools
  12. Scaffolding
  13. Weapons
    1. Ammo
    2. Melee
    3. Primitive
      1. Melee
    4. Ranged
  14. Misc.
  15. Vehicles
  16. Props
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